Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Signs of Fall, Part 1

Here are a few signs of early fall at Little Red House. We leave a portion of our property unmowed. It serves as a sanctuary of sorts for the birds, and the fall harvest includes a feast for the deer.

Purple asters. Does anyone have a Canon camera? Do you notice that it does not faithfully reproduce purples and blues? Aaaargh. These are such a gorgeous purple, and not at all what you see here!

Tiny white asters. You've got to love a flower that is so generous with it's blooms!

Milkweed spores (I think!)

Grasses of some sort. Can you tell I'm not really a botanist? :)

Wild rose hips. The deer have already been at these. Soon, there will be none left.

Maple leaves just beginning to turn. These will get to be gorgeous in a few short weeks.

Goldenrod. This year I've got the mother of all hay fever, but they're still beautiful. The trees have not really begun to turn yet. I'll bring you some more photos in a few weeks when the glory really begins. But I just love the slow parade of the seasons. Don't you?


  1. I love all the colors! And while I love the rich hues of red, orange and brown in the fall, there are so many other colors out there blooming away!

    Thanks for sharing your pics...


  2. Love all of your fall photos! The goldenrod is so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  3. Mary, they all look so pretty! We had a couple of days of fall like weather but now we are back to summer. Hopefully by the weekend Fall will return to stay.
    You might want to grab some of those rose hips for yourself. They make an excellent tea and are high in Vitamin C :-)

  4. Mary,
    Your pictures are really pretty. I am sneezing just looking at the Goldenrod though.

  5. I love those purple asters! (I have a Canon camera but hadn't noticed about the blue & purple shades! I'll have to pay more attention!!) Your little sanctuary sounds like a lovely spot. ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

  6. Dear Mary, great pictures - Whenever I don't know the official name of something botanical or otherwise - I have a startling tendency to make it up. Grassius per longius or Ticklywicklyus de nosius. This assures that my brain, though severely damaged does still function on some level.

  7. It's one of the most wonderful times of the year!
    Blessings, Robin

  8. We have a Maple tree in our front yard ~ soon the front lawn will be filled with brightly coloured leaves :-}... loved all your "signs of fall" photos.

  9. What beautiful photographs! I see some of the trees starting to change color here even though it's in the mid 80s here. It sure doesn't feel like autumn yet. Next week is supposed to be a lot cooler...thank goodness!

  10. I have a canon - I'm going to watch for the purple and blue

    here from Susie Q


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