Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Sorry, Mom

I love the look of tarnished silver. Sorry, mom. I know just what you would say: "Stop being so lazy and polish your silver!" My mother kept a spotless house. A piece of tarnished silver was, in her eyes, a mortal sin. Dust on the furniture? Two Hail Marys. Dirt on top of the fridge? A rosary. Tarnished silver? You're going straight to hell. On the Hell Express.

Now, don't get me wrong; shining silver is beautiful, but it's all about the surface. It's all reflections. And, for me, it's sometimes just a little too much bling. Tarnished silver has age, and depth, and a mystery to it. (Like a woman of a certain age, no?)

It's been around the block. Or stuffed into the back of a cupboard. It's dull, and soft, and a little knocked up. It's endearing.

It looks fabulous with brown transferware.

Or holding a few green apples.

Or stuffed with late summer blooms.

I just love tarnished silver. Sorry, mom.


  1. I love that brown Spode plate. I keep thinking I will give up on blue&white and start on brown&white, but somehow I never do. Creatures of habit aren't we?

  2. You mean silver isn't SUPPOSED to look like that? LOL Your pictures are the arrangements!

  3. Lovely photos. You always get tarnished silver at my house! I like the completely tarnished look you show. Thanks for coming by my blog. I wish I'd talked to you before I got the generator. Hopefully now I have it I won't need it too. Hopefully the maintenance won't be too expensive-It's about $120 if the furnace guy does it. Keeping fingers crossed here. Stephanie

  4. I love it too! And I really like the beadboard in your photos too!!

  5. Welcome to Blog land. I have just found you via Sophie Honeysuckle. You have a lovely house and garden. I hope you enjoy the blogging as much as I and my daughter do. Mary

  6. I adore the brown transferware! I have a few pieces of brown in my living room. Love it. And I too love tarnished, been around the block silver and pewter.
    Your pictures are just gorgeous. You have such an eye for design.

    Your home is so lovely. I am betting your Mom would agree! Tarnish and all.

    I remember once when my Mom saw some tea dyed tings I had on my sofa in VA. Oh my. She thought I had lost my mind! Now she likes such things...


  7. I agree. Sometimes the polished stuff looks...well...fake. These pieces have character. Love your home!


  8. I love the patina of unpolished vintage silver! Beautiful photos.

  9. Thanks, everybody! I was afraid, when I posted the photos, that people would think I was a lunatic! LOL Nice to know I'm not...

  10. Tarnished silver makes me lonesome to see my mother again because she, too, loved it and her's was never shiny. Beautiful photos, Mary.

  11. Wonderful pictures! Love all of your collections! You brought back memories of my sister & I standing in the confession line on Saturday mornings...thinking of what we could come up once it was our turn (just how many 'bad things' do little girls do:) Our favorite line is that we might as well just start the Hail Mary's now cause you know they're coming!

  12. These are such beautiful photos Mary. I love the brown transferware plate with the tarnished silver.

  13. This made me laugh! I was raised in the same house. Any day of the week that silver was shiny...

    It is a good thing my Mom left the big tea service to my sister!

    Love your blog. I'll be back~ if I can find my way =D


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