Thursday, January 24, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well, no. But here is breakfast at Little Red House -- oat bran hot cereal, with sugar and milk, served up on a pretty gold tole tray from ebay that I just could not resist! :)

What is your favorite breakfast?
Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers. As far as we can tell at this point, my husband's back pain, while not disappearing completely, has lessened considerably. We'll see how today goes. Your support definitely made a stressful day a little less so -- and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is beautiful banner e tiffany. baci Mary

  2. 'mornin', Mary...I just got up, got my coffee on and wondered about breakfast...I have some oatmeal that would be good but no beautiful tray to serve it on. I HAVE been watching ebay for a pretty red toil tray, tho.
    I am so glad your hubby has less pain...hopefully by today, it will be gone!
    hugs, bj

  3. SO glad to hear your husband is feeling somewhat better! My mom suffers from chronic back pain from herniated discs. She has had surgery a few times but still has pain every day..It is hard to see someone else suffer like that! So happy your husband has some relief. Stay warm--says 15 degrees this morning.


  4. Good Morning Mary!!

    Sorry to hear about your husband's back pain. Hoping that all is well soon! Your transferware is so pretty Mary. I just love all of your pieces. I've missed you!!


  5. I love your new banner, too!!!..glad your hubby is feeling the tole've inspired me again!!!...I eat oatmeal every morning before I go to work...tomorrow...I'm going to make it special!!!...I'm going to bring out the 'pretty stuff'...& start my day off right!!!..thanks, again!!!....Lacy

  6. Mary

    Glad he's feeling a bit better!
    My favorite breakfast is Ina Garten's Irish oatmeal recipe in her Barefoot Contessa at Home cookbook. Just the absolute best! Have a super day! Tara

  7. What an elegant way to have breakfast :-) My favorite breakfast is poached eggs in milk with toast....but since I think my doctor would object to that on a daily basis, I resign myself to a dozen Oatmeal Squares and a handful of almonds........sigh........

  8. Hi Mary,
    Glad your husband is starting to feel better. Hope it continues and his back is much better.

    Wow,love that tray. Even plain toast would be grand on that tray.

    Enjoy the day, Janie

  9. My favorite breakfast? Probably a very fattening eggs, biscuits and gravy made by my mom. I almost never get that anymore.

    She really needs to come visit soon and teach my son the joys of Southern cooking up here in the North.

    What I usually eat is boiled eggs or oatmeal and coffee. On the run. Or once I get to work.

  10. Pretty tray, glad there has been some lessening of pain for your husband. Will keep praying. My favorite breakfast? Eggs, toast (homemade with butter!) and bacon. Yum!

  11. My favorite breakfast is cold cereal ... always, always mixing 2 at a time. Who knows why?

    I had surgery for a disc in 93, so I feel your husband's pain a little. My prayers are with him.


  12. Beautiful breakfast! Isn't it an honor to take care of our husband so well when they are down?

    My husband had the steroid epidural for his disc, and it lessened the pain enough that he was able to avoid surgery entirely.

  13. Love that tray. My favorite breakfast is either grits cooked in cream with a little butter and sugar or old fashioned biscuits and sawmill gravy.

  14. So very glad your husband is goind better, Mary...Continued prayer for him. :o) My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs and rye toast with a sliver of smoked salmon on it, this would be a weekend treat. Daily it's fruit, plain low-fat yogurt and tea. Your tray is lovely. Happy Day ((HUGS))

  15. Glad to hear that your husband's pain is greatly reduced. I'm sure your doctor told him that it might take a few days to feel the full effect. I've had the procedure twice...For me, it's better than surgery... YIKES!

    My favorite breakfast is Special K with berries and a slice of cinammon toast. Hannah and Hunter think the toast should be theirs (they are my puppies) Just a part of my morning routine.

  16. Hi Mary hope you husband is beter soon .My husband went through the same thing about a year ago.He still has some pain but is more managable.As far a breakfast is concerned I love wholewheat toast with natural peanut butter.
    Best Wishes

  17. Hi Mary Glad to hear your husband is doing better. That is a good healthy breakfast and pretty too. THe tole tray is lovely and your china looks so nice on it. Rhondi

  18. I am glad to hear your husbands back pain is getting less and less.

    What a wonderful tole tray. My favorite daily breakfast is cinnamon toast. On weekends I love pancakes or waffles with real maple syrup...

  19. Good morning Mary!
    Your breakfast looks yummy! I just had a bowl of cherrios for lunch.. I know, I know.. ;) I'm glad that the proceedure helped, hopefully it will continue to do so. Back surgery can be really if-y, but my sister in law had it for a broken disk and she felt relief immediately after. Good luck to him! (and you!)
    Enjoy your day!

  20. Very glad to hear that your husband is feeling a bit of relief -- hoping and sending along best and brightest wishes, thoughts and prayers for his speedy return to good health! Love the tray! My fav breakfast is hot kipper fillets (yes, really LOL!) or porridge (which is called oatmeal over here), good brown bread, butter and marmalade. Or real English-style sausages (pork with herbs) sizzling and snapping away with fresh eggs ...... Can you tell how much I love food? LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  21. Hi Mary
    It makes me happy much, that your husband has little easement.
    I hope that its pain becomes still less soon...
    in Germany we eat gladly fresh rolls, in addition an egg and a Muesli with Yoghurt, in addition naturally the good morning coffee, without which I am never awake would become...
    Take care Barbara

  22. Hi Mary, The older the boys get the more they love the cookbook. The youngest who works in New York city even took it to his office one day and all the ladies loved reading it and seeing the "southern" recipes. I sure hope your husband is feeling better now. Love your new tole tray and that bit of stitchery you found. I usually have lunch for breakfast. :)

  23. Brown transferware and toleware. It just doesn't get any better than that! Hey, did BJ just say she's watching for a red toleware tray? Uh-oh! LOL! Glad your hubby is feeling a little better.


  24. I love the looks like it's in perfect condition.

    My favorite breakfast is "everything bagels" with cream cheese!

    I'm glad to hear your husband is feeling better. Back pain is so horrible! I have reoccurring tennis elbow (although I don't play tennis) and cortisone shots really help!

  25. I just found your blog a couple days ago. You have a cozy place here! My favorite breakfast would have to be pancakes with peanut butter and REAL maple syrup plus a glass of cold milk. Yum!

  26. Mary,
    Glad to hear hubby is feeling better! And love your new tray, it's really beautiful!
    I usually have a cup of coffee with a cookie or not...yeah I know that's not good, but I'm a woman on the go.

  27. Glad to hear your husband is doing better, theres nothing worse than a loved one in pain.
    I love your breakfast tray. Makes me want to have breakfast right now !!
    Take Care :)

  28. I just found your blog tonight and girl I think we are long lost twins! I LOVE all the antiques and the vintage/heirloom feel to your blog.

  29. Good to know that your husband is getting some relief.

    My favorite breakfast is a piece of plain whole wheat toast with a tablespoon of local honey. A grapefruit half on the side is a bonus. Coffee, too, must have coffee. Not such a nutritious meal, but my favorite nonetheless.

  30. Mmm nice looking breakfast. my favourite is toasted muesli with yoghurt and a drink of juice. Followed by a nice strong coffee.

  31. on a lazy saturday morning, I crave my husband's fluffy french toast - oh, it's delightful. Sorry to hear about your husband and hope he's doing better!


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