Thursday, January 3, 2008


I've always loved needlepoint, especially pillows, and though I've tried a time or two to make my own, I never seem to have the time or patience. Here are a few examples in our Little Red House:

The picture at the top of the post is a pillow I got for Mother's Day last year. I love the edging of the image which is supposed to look like an animal print. I think it saves the whole thing from being a little too saccharine.

Here are a couple of small framed needlepoint flowers that I bought on sale at an antiques store last year.

This pillow was purchased at the same antiques sale. I don't think it's really an antique, but it is lovely.

Here is a pillow I have had for years. I bought it in TJMaxx, and it has been in several rooms over the years. Currently, it sits on the desk chair in our bedroom.

I bought this pillow for $5. at an outdoor antiques market. I think it needs a little gentle cleaning, but isn't that a great price?

Finally, here are two needlepoint birds that belonged to my mother. I have no idea where she got them, but for years they hung in our tiny den. Now they are in the kitchen, next to my collection of bird prints and plates.

Does anyone out there do needlepoint or other needlework? I'd love to see it!


  1. Good Morning Mary, Enjoyed seeing your needlepoint collection. I do not do needlepoint or own any items, but do enjoy looking. Maybe one day I will learn how to do it. I like to sew, mostly window treatments, pillows, etc. Right now My daughter and I are working on our first patchwork quilt. She is designing and I am sewing. We are trying to keep it simple for our first one. Have a good day, Janie

  2. I did needlepoint for years and have 3 or4 finished canvases that I have never stretched or sewn into anything. Before that I did Bargello (flame stitch) and had a few pillows. I even made each of my bridesmaids a needlepoint pillow back in 1973. I am remembering the colors as being very non-traditional , LOL. Before that, Lord was there even a time before that??? I did crewelwork and made a bunch of stuff. Oh yeah, and I used to knit. Then I had carpel tunnel problems, had surgery on both wrists and don't go near needles or repetitive wrist movements, well OK, except blogging and sudoku and Text Twist.

  3. Mary,
    Beautiful examples of needlework....Betty

  4. Hi Mary Your needlepoint pillows are lovely. I have done several pieces of needlework and I have no idea what happened to them. I must have given them away. I've done crewel and crossstitch too. Now I only use a needle for making quilts and it is most often the sewing machine needle. Hope youhave a lovely day.

  5. Hello Mary, I love needlepoint. I did cross-stitch. A year or two ago I purchased several patterns, lots of thread, and my cross stitch fabric. I HAVE COMPLETED NOTHING. I admire what you have and what you've done with them. They are pretty things especially the birds. You can see mine on my blog, i wrote about when you asked.

  6. Mary come see my needlework blog NeedleNecessities. I do cross stitch, felt work, needlepoint, bobbin lace and quilting. You are welcome to come and look around. There is also one of my quilts on my CelebrateTheSeasons blog to tell the story of my headboard.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  7. Hi Mary
    very beautiful needle work decorates your little red House, and I wish you very much joy in these beautiful things.
    Take care Barbara

  8. Hi Mary, I am just catching up with everyone after a week of entertaining relatives and the last of the parties. Sometimes you really can have too much fun:>) I am ready dor a little relaxation and organizing things into a simpler style. Thanks for showing your needlepoint collection, I have always admired it too, one of my things I think I will learn how to do someday..maybe.

  9. Mary you have some wonderful pieces of needlepoint.How lovely to have something that was in your mother's home.

  10. When the children were young and I didn't work, I had time to do needlework. I got the love for needlework, crewel work, and crocheting from my mother and grandmother. Now instead of doing the work myself, I rescue all of the unwanted hand made pillows, linens and afgans that I can find.


  11. Hi Mary~~what a nice collection of needlepoint pieces...I especially think the little birds are very sweet.
    I enjoy cross stitching...years ago I stitched like crazy and then just stopped. This past year I started stiching again....and I'm enjoying myself. Linda

  12. I love the way needlepoint looks. You've got quite a collection there. I have a nice chair that has a needlpoint seat and a couple other pieces. I've tried doing it but find it incredibly boring. I do lots of other forms of needlework. I remember back in the day when football player Rosie Greer did needlepoint to relax!

  13. Wow, beautiful!! And so lovely in your house!

  14. Oh how I have tried! It is really hard. I can knit and crochet a bit, but that's it. Well, cross stitch, but i have ever finished anything - it just takes to long for me.

    You have a lovely collection though.

  15. Mary,

    Your collection of needlepoint is just wonderful. I cross stitch but I have a soft spot for needlepoint. I'll have to post the backgammon board I purchased at a yard's amazing.


  16. Beatuiful needlepoints Mary. That is something I would love to do, but I have no patience! Your collection is just so lovely.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  17. Such lovely things! I love the pillows -but the framed pieces are so nice too...

  18. I don't do needlepoint, however have always wanted to give it a try. Your pillows and pictures are so pretty and each one has their own unique look. An impressive collection and lovely rooms.


  19. Hi Mary,
    Hope you are feeling better. I'm like you, I love the texture that needlepoint adds to a room and have lovingly collected it for years. I have tried to become proficient at it but at this point in my life my eyes prevent me from discerning the intricate patterns on the canvas so I have given up hope.
    Your pieces a really lovely and look beautiful in your home.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  20. Mary

    I love needlepoint and posted today a few needlepoints in my house.

    I am currently working on a floral insert for a pillow and also bought a Merry Christmas sampler that I have not started yet.

    I would love your advice on the sampler.

    I will post a picture of my current project tomorrow.

    I would love to find vintage pillows in thrift stores.

    Did you see Deb's post on Homespun Living where she showed a rug made from random needlepoint squares? It is neat.



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