Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dreams of My Mother

Lately I've been dreaming of my mother a lot. I think about her often during the day as it is, because everything in our Little Red House carries memories from my childhood. It is also her voice I hear when I'm about to do something I ought to think better of. She is my conscience, as I'm sure your mothers are for you, too.

The dreams, though, are real in an almost frightening way. She will walk into the dining room, and tell me that she loves my new German transferware plate. She will be seated in her favorite chair in the den, chiding me for the dust kitties under the TV. She will be standing at her old stove in the kitchen, making meatballs, or fried cakes, or stuffed artichokes. A part of me in the dream knows that this is not possible but, just as surely, another part of me is comforted by her presence.

As a child, I was a strange mixture of tomboy and princess. I was an only child, and my parents had me quite late in life, so I think at times they just weren't sure what to make of me. I loved to read; they had to kick me outside to play when I had a good book. I loved Saturday mornings -- going to the feed store with my father, the lovely smell of grain filling our nostrils; or bringing our trash to the dump, where my father would inevitably find some lost treasure to bring home.

But I also could spend hours rearranging furniture with my mother, or playing with her jewelry box. Here are a few vintage pieces from her costume jewelry -- none precious but every one priceless to me for the memories they evoke.


  1. Memories are such special things. I often have the same dreams about my grandmother and sometimes they're SO REAL that I swear she was actually there speaking with me. Maybe she was but I won't go into my beliefs about that. :) Your mother's jewellery is beautiful! Do you ever wear any of it? The pink bracelet in the first picture is fabulous! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  2. That was a beautiful story. Your mother was so pretty. My Mom's been gone for 23 years and I still wish the same things.......that she could be with me in my home......reminiscing over childhood times...having coffee.....taking a walk with me in our woods.....sigh.....

  3. Your memories - like the photo of you & your Mum, are beautiful.

  4. Oh, Mary, what a lovely bear a strong resemblance to her.

    I think it is wonderful that your dreams allow you, in some way, to continue a precious relationship with your mother.

    Enjoy them:)


  5. I love dreams like that. Just for a fleeting minute you can spend some time with a lost loved one. Embrace it baby and enjoy!

    This was such a sweet post that brings to mind dreams of my own that I've had. Thanks for sharing Mary!

    Sweet dreams!

  6. Hi Mary,

    Your mom was so pretty! My mom has been gone 21 years now and I find myself hearing her voice in my own and seeing her hands when I look down. My mom was only 42 when she passed and in December, I will be turning 42 myself. She has been so very heavy on my mind and I miss her so much. I still have her jewelry box and though there is nothing of real value really...each piece is indeed priceless. You're so right! She is the voice inside me that urges me forward or cautions me to slow. Thank you for such a lovely post.


  7. My mum (87 years young!) is staying with us for three months -- and it is so nice to spend some time with her! Your mum's spirit and love shines through your dreams .... and your memories are wonderful! Her jewelery is beautiful -- wear it often! :)

    Jan x at Rosemary Cottage

  8. Well, country have me bawling and squalling now. Like you, I miss my mother so much. I was 50 when she died (she was only 71) and I am almost 70 and still miss her as much today as when she passed away. I made memory frames for my children and used most of her jewelry in those for future heirlooms. I still have so many things around me that she either bought for me, gave to me or left for me. I could go on and on but I won't....
    Your mother was very pretty...
    Thanks for the memories.

  9. What beautiful memories you have. Your mother is a very pretty lady. I too think of my mother often, it seems like she's always there somewhere. The jewelry is beautiful too. Thanks for sharing such a nice story.
    Donna :)

  10. After spending the day with you walking through antique stores and remembering your comments when you saw certain "treasures" like, "My mom had one just like this", "Didn't you like to play with your mom's gloves when you were young?", "I have one just like this, it was my moms". This post is a perfect follow up to our day yesterday. I enjoyed this so much and it brought me to tears also. Your writing is so beautiful and tender -- just like you! Thanks for sharing your dreams!!

    Your dear friend Robin :)

  11. Memories are the treasures of life! I still have my mother and am so very glad we can still make memories. I lost my father many years ago and I know how important those memories are of moments spent together. Time is a precious thing! I really loved reading about your thoughts on your mother. She seems to be very much still with you every day through those dreams. I really do believe that loved ones are still with us in spirit in our dreams. I even had a favorite aunt how said her goodbyes to me in a dream. I knew that was what the dream meant as soon as I awoke and have never dreamt of her since. I was not at her funeral being so far away and she wanted to say her farewell. I feel warm and loved just thinking about it still today.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  12. Hello...
    Just want to say hi as I just happened to stumble upon your blog, lucky me because it is so nice..your mom was so pretty & she looks like you. My mom lives w/me, but I feel the same about my dad. We live in the home he built & I was raised in. He is most definetely here. We are lucky. Thank you for sharing. ~Rosemary~

  13. Beautiful post, and hugs for you Mary.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  14. Oh Mary,
    What an absolutely lovely post. You look so much like her! I think your treasures of her are marvelous, but the way you 'speak' of her is even more so. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Hello Mary
    It was so lovely to wake up to your friendly message this morning..
    It is heartening and heartbreaking to hear you talk about your mother.. I have been there and am very much still there.. I lost my beloved mother six years ago .. to cancer.. it was such a huge shock.. I had so so much I still wanted to do with her..
    I too dream about her but not often.. I do however see her in the street and for just a second believe she has come back. I am sure your beautiful mother lives on through you.. embrace her memory..
    Love Michelex

  16. Dear Mary,
    What a lovely, warm and wonderful post!
    Please stop by and play the "waiting game" with me.

  17. Oh gosh, your post brought tears to my eyes. My mother is alive and well, but far away. I had to move far from her for the first time in my life three years ago. When I get back about twice a year, I see how each time age is changing her. I cannot imagine my life without her. She is my rock,often more times than it feels as though God is. She ALWAYS makes me feel better, ALWAYS promises me that things will get better when they are not going so well. I,too, was a princess/tomboy...often wandering and wandering, spending much time alone as we moved every couple of years. My parents doted on me. I am glad you stopped by...don't think I've ever written THIS much in a post. lol. :)

  18. Thanks for sharing your memories of your mother. She sounds very special. Her jewelry is so beautiful too. Embrace your dreams and memories of your mom.

  19. Mary,
    I can see you in your mothers picture, such a beauty. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories and a glimpse into her life through her jewelry.

  20. Mary, what a lovely post! Your mum was so pretty and serene looking, as are you xx

  21. Mary,

    You've been tagged - visit my blog if you would like to play along :)

  22. That is such a wonderful post...I am sure she is smiling down on you. I'm sure she would be enormously touched to know that she is still with you...

  23. Precious memories dear Mary...yours is a beautiful story. She is there with you, always.
    I find that such dreams are very comforting. I have them about my father and my in laws.
    The jewelry pieces are wonderful. My Mother has many of hers and her Mother's that she wears often. They are truly beautiful.
    Sue XX OO

  24. (((Mary))
    Beautifully expressed in every way.


  25. I love the pictures of the jewelry and your mom. The pieces are very beautiful, and I know what you mean about them not having a monetary value, but being precious to you. I have the same sort of pieces from my grandmother. I also dream about my dad too. The dreams are comforting and I feel like he truly is visiting me. It's a gift. Thank you for sharing with us.


  26. How sweet to live in your family home. To still feel the presence of your mom, to imagine her still there in her favorite chair or cooking at her cooktop! What a blessings to be in your family home with all those memories!


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