Friday, October 12, 2007

Put A Lid On It!

You already know I'm a dish-a-holic, and that I never met a piece of china that I didn't like, but I'll bet you didn't realize that I have a lid fetish, as well! Yes, I am getting injections, and undergoing an intensive series of therapy sessions. However, I can't seem to kick my addiction to cachepots, covered serving dishes, soup tureens and just about anything china with a lid on it. Here are some temptations that I just could not avoid over the years...

Green Limoges cachepot with bees. This was my mother's, so I can't really be blamed for having it.

Reproduction Chinese import porcelain. This was a gift I gave to my mother when I was a teenager.

Cabbage soup tureen. My first love of lidded things.

A rooster (chicken?), of course.

Assorted covered serving bowls with bird lids, of which this is just one. These are examples of several obsessions: china, covered dishes and birds! There's probably a joke in there about two birds with one stone, but I'll resist the temptation.


  1. You are so funny.....there are probably a lot of us "decorating" ladies that should be undergoing some kind of Hubby prepares himself every-time we go out for the "Oh, it's my shade of red!" statement......or, "Look at that rooster, I don't have one like that" LOL Anyway, I adore your covered dishes. Hmmmm .... I only have one that is decorative.....looks like another addiction coming on. Have the Best of Days......Rosie

  2. Oh Mary! Your containers and lids and treasures are fabulous.. oh I'd love to peek at all the corners of your home.. I suppose I get to here! :) The green bee limoges is most fantastic! I just adore that shade of green.

  3. What a neat thing to collect, these lidded items. You always make me stop and think about things that I, too, like and sometimes I am surprised that I love something without realizing it. I have several lidded items that I love, too; vintage sugar bowls with lids always make my heart beat faster. How strange we women are about the things we find to love.
    Blessings, bj

  4. Hello to Mary and Abbie,
    Love your items of beauty and charm.
    Neat to have the present you gave to your Mother as well:)
    Guess what?
    I have recently purchased darling lids, all by their lonesome!!
    Saw a photo in a magizine of a wall with nothing but darling lid's

  5. I love all your treasures, especially the green one with the bees! So, so pretty and extra special since it was your mother's.

    I have a thing for candy dishes with lids :) Isn't it fun?

  6. What charming and elegant pieces.. I especially like the white cabbage tureen.

  7. I identify with you so much! And how lucky you are that you have room for all your obsessions...we live in such a small cottage that I don't have room for anything!

  8. Hi Mary, Love all your lidded pieces. I have a huge lidded white cabbage bowl that I found at an antique place once. I think it is supposed to be a soup tureen but the ladle is missing. I use it at Easter every year filled with a big fruit salad. When I used to have a brick and mortar antique shop people came in all the time looking for lids to decorate with. Have a great day! ~ Lynn

  9. What a treat to see more of your collection, Mary! I love that cabbage soup tureen ... especially displayed against the pink transferware ~ gorgeous!! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  10. Oh yes, I like lidded things too and I also have a thing for anything on a pedistal! All your things are so beautiful! I really love that cabbage tureen!

  11. What a lovely collection! The bee cachepot is sooooo nice and with the connection to your mother must be really special to you. You photographed them all so nicely, too.

  12. Love all your pieces, especially the cabbage tureen! I've always wanted to get one of those and somehow never got around to it! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Oh no, Mary! Not something else for me to get hooked on LOL! Just kidding:)

    They are quite beautiful though.


  14. I have the cabbage soup tureen that mom had and the rooster; but you can see where his head was glued back on. I just love them!

  15. Mary your dishes are fantastic! I love that cabbage soup tureen. But not nearly as much as I love that rooster!! Everyone needs an obsession. Be thankful yours isn't something dull like a desk job!


  16. What a great collection. I love anything with bees on it, so my favourite piece was the green limoges with the gold bees :-}

  17. So Mary, if I come visit and some of your dishes with lids turn up missing.....:-)

    Love them! It is hard to find vintage dishes with lids intact...

  18. Wow I love all of those. Don't tell me I will have to have one now.

  19. I LOVE the Chinese Porcelain Pumpkin.....well...I love all of them too. Ya know...theres worse things than being a "dishaholic". LOL

  20. Oh how I love your beautiful things AND your sense of humor.
    Your covered beauties are wonderful!
    How I would so love to peek into all your corners...I just know that delightful things await at every turn!

    The bee limoges is incredible!



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