Monday, October 15, 2007

The End

End tables, that is...Am I the only person in the world who changes the things on her end tables every other week? Is there a job where you get to create tablescapes all day? Because that would be my dream job.

There are two sofas, and thus four end tables in our library. Here is one, with a photo of my dad and his brothers. As I am a dish-a-holic, there are lots of little china bits on it. I also have a weakness for faux flowers, but that's probably a whole other post. I'd love to have fresh all year, but unfortunately I have not, as yet, won the lottery!

Another library end table. The alabaster bowl was my mom's, and the fossils were collected on one of my daughter's class trips. The woman in the photo is my great-grandmother, who came to America from Italy by way of Buenos Aires. Don't you just love the hat she's wearing?

This table is in my tiny den. I'm not sure what the little carved pitchers are made of; they look like ivory or maybe celluloid. I found them in a thrift store.

I think you've seen this before -- wow, I really need to dust! The rooster lamp is joined by some family photos, a soapstone carving, and a little box with a dog on top. The box belonged to my grandfather, and I remember playing with it as a child. You push down on the dog's tail to open the lid.

But come by next week, and there will probably be something completely different on these tables!


  1. Hi Mary,
    Love your table scapes and especially love the alabaster bowl! What beautiful things you have. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. Have a good day!
    Donna :)

  2. I love your stories and your tables:) Thanks for sharing and I think I have to go rearrange my end table.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Beautiful table tops! I adore your rooster lamp it would look wonderful with mine..... :-)

  4. Mary,
    Your tables are darling. I love old pictures of family members. I have them all over my house too. Be sure and take pictures of the new design when it happens.


  5. I do it too! I rearrange table tops sometimes daily! I also re-arrange rooms alot too! Love your arrangements -- I think the blog world is better than magazines for us hopeless decorators!

  6. I love your little red house and you have a nack for decorating and I can see it on each table. Happy make your home very inviting by what sits on the tables........Sharon K

  7. I loved your tablescapes! Have you ever noticed on the decorating shows that when a "professional" comes in and rearranges a room, it always looks so great. But when you look a little closer, you realize there's no tables on either side of the sofa and the chairs are sitting off by themselves, no tables with them either. It makes me crazy! You HAVE to have side tables or the room just doesn't feel "used and homey" to me. Right? Am I alone in this? Nah....most of us humans need tables. Don't we??? Just say "yes" and I'll leave you alone. (LOL)

  8. I am constantly freshening up my table tops...I spend so much time at home I find I get bored easily! LOVE the rooster lamp btw!

  9. You sure do a great job at it. I change mine ,but prob. not as much as you lol.

  10. I don't know if there is such a profession as a tablescape artist but you could certainly design layouts for magazines with no problem:)

    Love your end tables and there collection of goodies!

    Stop by today, I have a surprise for you.


  11. I could linger on your blog for days. Such warmth and cozy treats here :) Stop by my blog when you get a chance to pick up your award ;)


  12. Mary,

    Please stop by my blog.. I have something for you!


  13. Hi Mary-what a lovely new photo of you!! And your tables are smashing!

  14. I am so with you dear Mary! Dusting? Phooey...creating lovely and interesting table-scapes is a great job! Your are delightful, so pretty and always interesting!

    I adore that rooster lamp, well, I adore all your treasures really!

    Your home is so warm, so inviting. I would feel so at home there!

    Have a sweet week dear Mary!


  15. Tabletops aren't supposed to be rearranged daily? :) Just love the old family pictures. Reading about the little box, reminded me of a clock my great-grandmother had. There was a bird in and instead of a second hand, the bird moved as if taking a worm from the ground. I used to watch this for hours in her home and always wondered what would happen one day if the bird really got the worm out? Hmm, now to search for that clock. It would make a lovely display on my end table.

  16. What great tablescapes -- and fine photographs. You have a creative eye for both arranging your tables and for framing for photos. Thanks for sharing. I love visiting your Little Red House.

  17. Hi, Country Girl..I love all of your sweet stories. I still say you should write a book!!
    I change the tops of my tables all the time. I have so many things of my mom's and whatever appeals to me one day, the next day something else takes over being 'favorite' change up a lot. It also refreshes the entire room when just a few things are moved or changed, for me.
    Now, I just bought a cute little tray at the thrift store that I want to add to my coffee table with something special on with you later.

  18. Mary,
    You could diffidently get a job doing table tops .... yours are so endearing... I love that you always add an element of your families history... hey... I have a job for you..... come on over and do mine.. they are lacking your panache...

  19. I love your tablescapes! How fun to rearrange them all the time! What do you do with the items you take off the table each week? Do you have a huge storage area? I have always wanted a huge closet to hold all my decorations, so I could rotate, and rearrange whenever I was in the mood. I hardly have any storage space, so I pass up wonderful items when shopping.

  20. Mary,

    Your table tops are beautiful! I really like your house and what you do!

    Hey, come on by my blog to pick up your award! You have made me smile with your comments and I am happy to have been able to include you in my recipients for the You Make Me Smile Award!


  21. Okay Mary, I admit to being a junkie for changing my vingettes on my end table and coffee table too. I have too many pretty things and like to change everything so I can use it all. If I leave things too long (like now for autumn) it makes me feel restless and I need to change things again.

    I love seeing your stacks of books. I love using books to decorate. They are to add the right color, height and feeling.

    I was just moving my furniture around again yesterday and still am not satisfied. I was thinking I need a new table to put by the couch. There is none there now after the moving around. LOL! It is because I moved my antique embroidery table up to my quilt studio along with a chair from my living room. I now have an old~fashioned sewing corner by the window in the studio. So I am very much in the changing mode right now.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  22. Morning!

    Just a note to say how much I adore your home and style -- your blog reminds me of the best issues of Victoria magazine -- warm, charming and elegant! And changing around the tablescapes is always a fun way to freshen a roomscape!

    Jan x at Rosemary Cottage who fights the dust bunnies for control of her tables! LOL! :)

  23. Hi Mary aka CountryGirl! I tried to leave a post last night but I must have done something wrong since it did not show up! I am so happy you let me know about this wonderful blog you have here! I feel like I am looking at the glossy pages of the best decorating magazines. You have many talents!, Decorating, photography and your words! I said this before.. you are not JUST a housewife! I was touched by your latest on your mother. Those are not just dreams those are "visits". I lost my father 12 years ago and I believe anything is possible. I have been told those "dreams" that you remember so vividly are meant to be that way so they stand out from the rest and you know your loved one still sees what is going on in your life. I have had some odd ones myself! Keep creating wonderful pictures, stories and the like for us to enjoy. Now that I have found your page I am going to be a frequent guest! Take care. Laurie aka Decorating Fanatic

  24. You wrote: "Is there a job where you get to create tablescapes all day? Because that would be my dream job."

    I have just spent 45 minutes trying to make my coffee table and the top of the bookcase in my living room look good for the pre-Christmas season, and it has been an exercise in frustration! Come do my tabletops! Please! Tell me what to do!


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