Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Come fall, I start getting the urge to curl up in our tiny den. The room is literally tiny -- about 10 x 12ft.; I've seen walk-in closets bigger. It's also dark -- pine wainscotting and a brown patterned wallpaper.

The sofa is down-filled, and covered in a paisley chenille in warm golds, reds and oranges. There is an orange knitted throw to warm me, and a brown leather ottoman to put up my feet.

There are two chairs, one covered in a brown damask,

the other a wing chair in cream velvet. Sitting in this room, with a good book and a cup of tea, is like retreating to a nest, or a burrow, or a womb.

It's warm, and enveloping, and comforting. Winds may be buffetting the leaves outside, and rain splattering the windows, but I feel oh-so-warm and cozy right here in my nest.


  1. Looks cozy! Room for one more??


  2. And a beautiful nest it is!


  3. I saw your link in a comment on "la maison douce", fench blog with lovely photographs... and I think your blog is also wonderful, celebrating cocooning anf family life in a sweet home ... I'll be back :o))(So said Rambo, is'nt it ??)
    Excuse my scolar english...

  4. It DOES look very warm and cozy....

  5. I don't think you would ever get me out of that room :-) I love the rooster lamp and the paisley sofa. Your den is a snugly haven.

  6. Another charming, warm and cozy room -- just picture perfect for a cool, blustery day! Just think of books like "Wind in the Willows" or a favorite decor book and a good strong cup of tea! I just adore your home!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  7. Do I smell cookies baking in the oven? Warm cookie.. ..a cup of tea a cozy room... doesn't get any better than that.... ahh ... there is no place like home

  8. What a beautiful cozy room. The perfect little nest :-}

  9. It looks like the perfect spot to curl up in once the winds get chilly. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  10. I know that feeling well! You almost wish for those windy, rainy and cold days to be in that nest. I notice you have a beautiful fox hunt print. I just showed four of my six which I dearly love.

    ~~ Heidi ~~

  11. You have a beautiful home, and exquiste taste in everything. My house is a small one, so I've found this post inspiring.
    Thank you.

  12. Ciao,Mary...
    your blog is always fantastic!!
    che tipo di scambi vuoi fare ??
    sei nei miei link.

  13. ciao !!
    mi fa molt piacere essere nei tuoi link !!tu sei nei miei

  14. Well, Mary, you've feathered your nest very well. The decor is cozy, interesting and harmonious.

  15. What a lovely little retreat indeed. I can just imagine how cozy it is wrapped up in a soft blanket reading a good book...and oh do I love that darling rooster lamp!


  16. What a lovely cozy room! I can imagine curled up with a cup of tea and a good book there!

  17. Oh that does sound inviting! That reminds me, I need to pick up my wool throw from the cleaners:)


  18. Your den is just perfect charming, warm and inviting.

  19. What a cozy nest. It is a perfect spot to curl up and enjoy a good book. Linda

  20. I've always loved looking at your little den. I still love the fact that you are so happy in the little house that your dad built.
    I hope you will take a look at my brand new, still in the construction mode blog when you have time. I am as nervous as a cat about it all and I'm not sure just why. A blog is about things you love and want to share with others...I've wanted to do it ever since you told me once that I should do a blog. Well, here I am! lol

  21. That is a cozy room! I love it. I could almost feel myself sitting there as I was reading about it.

  22. Could you please come over tomorrow and make my house all snuggly and warm and cozy like yours - instead of the echoing cavernous smelly cavern that it is?? Say around 10 am or make that 10:30 - I need a little extra time to air things out.

  23. Wonderfully cozy room Mary! I started to feel sleepy and ready to curl up for a sweet nap just looking at the photo's. You've got such great style. Love it!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  24. Oh how cozy and beautiful your home is dear Mary!
    Your nest is welcoming and warm, just like you!

    I adore your furnishings and the little touches...your home is too lovely for mere words!!

    I would be so comfy there...

    Warm hugs,

  25. i love your nest, so cozy!


  26. Now I know what is missing in our home...a womb!! We never planned a cozy, just the two of us...just me space. I need to sub-divide a room!!!

  27. I can absolutely see why you are so cozied up in your little nest. It's perfect! I really, really like it a lot. The furniture, the patterns and colors, the wallpaper - it's perfect!!



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