Monday, June 30, 2008


Just look at all this beautiful milkweed!  It's beginning to smell quite lovely here in the tangled underbrush at our Little Red House.

I just love these flowers -- they are such a beautiful globe shape, with lovely big leaves.  As kids, we would always break a stalk to see the milky sap.

They are quite beautiful up close, too.  (Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.)  Remind me to get some pictures of the seed pods, when they appear.  Maybe I should try to dry them and make a wreath or something...

Wait a minute, what is that sound?


 Peekaboo, I see you!  Glad you are here, and not in my garden!

What, leaving so soon?  Don't you want to stay and chat?  Oh, well.  Bye-bye Mr. Deer.  Stay out of the garden!


  1. I'm glad your company didn't visit your garden.

    I don't think I have ever seen milkweed. The blooms are so different - and pretty.

  2. And the flowers smell so good, too! Your Buck looks to be growing a nice rack for fall. It will be fun to see him get bigger and bugger ...... as long as he stays a way from your garden!!!!

  3. Milkweed! Eureka! I saw some last week, and had no idea. It smelled so wonderful. For some reason, I only know what it looks like in its next stage of life. Thanks for the botany lesson.;)

  4. really know how to "capture" what you see with your camera! I love seeing your photos.

    Thanks for the visit to our blog for PINK Saturday - and the nice comments on the PINK shoes. I loved the shoes - even though, like you, I don't often have a place to wear them. Besides that, the fall I took a year ago, has limited me on what shoes I can comfortably wear.


  5. I love the photo of the deer, so close to your garden! I suppose they eat the flowers? Enjoy summer!Love Eleanor

  6. Hi Mary! How lucky yu are to have that beautiful buck in your backyard. Great photos, as usual. You have such a talent. My husband says that buck would taste great *snort* he's such a guy:>)

  7. Good morning Mary. Wow, you're lucky to get that shot of the deer.

    I usually grow some milkweed. Love the scent. This year I don't have any. Have to remember to collect some seeds this fall and plant them. Do you have any caterpillars?

  8. This morning I went on an early walk and noticed some milkweed -- but didn't know what it was. So nice to put a name to it! Incredible picture of the deer -- a moment in time! You have such a talent -- I absolutely love your photos. Every day I look forward to taking a look at what you've created with your camera!

  9. I love the milkweed, but my favorite "weed" is Queen Anne's Lace. It can sneak into the edges of my garden anytime.

    The neighbors do not like me at all because the deer rarely, if ever, stop and munch on my plants. The scoot quickly across and head to the neighbors place. Why? We're up on a slight hill and there's no cover. So, they just run across on their way to work in the morning and back across in the evening.

    - Suzanne

  10. Mary, you never disappoint with your postings. Love the flowers and my mouth just popped open when I saw that the little popping it's little head up! Thanks for the smiles. Shelia ;)

  11. I never knew that it had a scent either, but it was fun to play with at its end stage.

    I will have to pay more attention if I come across some flowering, but alas with the development of the last few years I can't imagine where there is any! Sad.


  12. What great shots! I had when company doesn't want to stay and chat for long.

  13. Milkweed is so pretty! Great shot of your visitor! :-)

    Happy day!

  14. What a great shot you got of that deer! I would've been so startled that I'd have to pick my camera up off the ground.

  15. Hi Mary,

    Great shots! Your photos are always beautiful...

    You asked about the bread I put on my is from Wegman's! Love that place...


  16. The milkweed is pretty! And I do love to see deer. I am glad that he didn't get into your garden though...

  17. Hi Mary :)

    The milkweed is beautiful. Be careful with that deer! My mom had one chase her around her car once in the front of her house. It was mating season LOL


  18. Hello there...great photos..especially the one of the deer..oh I love seeing nature like that...I don't ever recall seeing or noticing milkweed blooming..that is so pretty. Hope you are doing well and having a wonderful day!!

  19. Great pics Mary I'm glad your visitor didn't eat any of your pretty flowers.

    Kathy :)

  20. OH wow what a picture. And what timing too. I love the milk weed flowers they are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.


  21. What a pleasant surprise, the deer are so pretty! I don't get to see that in my back yard.
    I remember the milkweed as a child at my grandmother's house.

  22. Hi Mary! Laurie at Decorating Fanatic told me to visit your blog and I am so happy she did! I have spent some time viewing your older posts. I see you have a collection of milk glass, if you get the chance, could you stop by my blog and let me know if I paid too much for a piece I recently bought at an Estate Sale? I am just starting a small collection and I don't really know a whole lot about the milk glass. Your home is beautiful, and so are all the flowers in your garden!
    Have a good evening!
    Laura :)

  23. Oh, a surprise! What a good capture, Mary. You're inspiring me to get out and take pictures. I've been down lately and needed some inspiration!

  24. Oh what beautiful flowers Mary and a sweet visitor too (from a distance that is). Out here what we call milkweed doesn't look anything like fact, it's down right ugly and weedy!


  25. Oh my word! What a gorgeous visitor!
    Milkweed..where butterflies make babies!! Keep your eyes open to these wonders..Monarchs!!!

  26. Cute! I have never seen Milk Weed before or have smelled the scent. Love the buck - run, little bucky, run!


  27. Mary, your photo over at Photo contest is AWESOME!!! I just needed to tell you that.

  28. So beautiful! I would love to paint that deer's sweet face! Wonderful photograph and caption,


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