Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stayin' Cool

We are in the middle of a heat wave  in New Jersey -- it was close to 100 degrees here yesterday.  So, in the hopes that seeing some snow might make me feel a little cooler, I thought I would show you a little painting that I got last Friday at a rummage sale.  Is this cute, or what?  The whole thing, frame and all, is about the size of a piece of paper.  I think the painting is naive, but totally charming.  On the back is a message:  "To Glen from Nell, 1967."  As always, I wonder about the artist.  Who was she?  Did Glen appreciate her gift?  Why did it end up in a rummage sale?  Of course I'll never know, but it is fun to consider.

I went to this rummage sale with my friend, Robin.  I swore I was not going to buy anything.  Robin just laughed.    That's always the way, isn't it?  But the painting was 75 cents, so I guess I didn't break the bank.  And I got a reminder of cooler weather!  The forecasters say more of the same today.  Some schools in New Jersey have closed because of the heat today.  Stay cool, dear bloggers!


  1. Mary, it was 100 degrees here the last three days. This is just too hot for the middle of June.

    I hope this heat backs off for all of us.

    Feel free to throw a snowball at me. I won't even duck!

  2. Hi Mary,

    This is brutal, isnt it? My computer forecast says this is the last day of it--lets hope!!

    I hope you stay cool and I love that painting- a steal at 75 cents!


  3. I feel your pain, sister! As long as we stayed on our little ridge we were at 94. We went into the closest little town for a sub and it hit 101. Yikes! I think BJ has sent us her Texas weather.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  4. What a wonderful little find. I do find that these things help you stay cool. In our last heat wave I bought some beautiful white curtains with a snow flake print on them and it helped immensely.

  5. I think it's hotter up north than it is down here in Georgia! Stay cool.

    Love your painting find! It reminds me of a photo I took of a covered bridge when I was in Lancaster, PA years ago. Except it wasn't snowing. It was July. And hot. But it was a covered bridge. *Ü*

  6. Great choice! I'm in SE PA and have been suffering with this crazy heat too.

    I only hope it will really cool down some tomorrow. My garden needs attention!


  7. It's hot here in NH too. 96 yesterday. Maybe over 100 today. But just remember the winter we had.

  8. I'm sorry about the heat Mary. It's very cool and pleasant here in the Midwest which usually means it's heading your way in a day or two. I promise not to send the tornados!

    That painting is very nice. I can't see the details but it's certainly not a paint by numbers. Oh gosh, those were my favorite as a kid. I wonder if any of my "paintings" are making the garage sale circuit. Nah, they've disintigrated from age.

    - Suzanne

  9. Mary,
    I hope you get a break in the heatwave! We are hot but we get the Delta breezes at night.

    The painting is sweet..


  10. I'm sorry it is so hot. If it is any comfort, it refuses to to even get warm in the pacific northwest. My heater is running and we had snow in the Cascades last week.

  11. Hot here too and the pine pollen is so disgusting, but I *do* love that cute little painting; reminds me of my roots in Vermont.

  12. Well, while you're sweating my in-laws have a fire in the woodstove. Can you believe it? They live in Spokane, WA and we're headed there in about 3 weeks for a visit. They called today to tell us to "bring something warm"! Are you kidding me? It will be July when we get there and it should be warm everywhere by then! It's snowing at their place today....UGH!

  13. I am going to keep that picture up all day! Thanks!

  14. Yes, looking at that will help you stay cooler! Heat wave continues here as well...huff puff.

  15. Hi Mary! I'm staying in today visiting my favorite blogging friends. It is brutal. Daughter had 1/2 day of high school yesterday and today. That is a sweet picture. Makes me think of the movie, Bridges of Madison County. Maybe they were lovers, and she painted it for him. Really sweet. Stay cool!

  16. I'm always wondering about the history of things I find when I'm out antiquing. Who had the item. Why it showed up for sale.

    Stay cool.

  17. It is hot here too, we are expecting a thunder storm later tonight. I remember how hot it was in Princeton, New Jersey, and the thunder storms there were amazing. I swear the lightning travels horizontally!! Your painting is lovely. Karen

  18. Hi Mary,
    It's hot here too, 100 plus degrees for the last five days!
    I heard on the news they had some snow in Washington state, imagine that!
    Stay cool!

  19. What a great post especially for those of us melting in the heat wave.
    Your new painting is precious and was definitely a deal too good to be missed.
    Keep cool,

  20. 75 cents is a great price!
    It's been in the 40's and 50's here the past few days and we had a huge wind/rain storm that put our power out. Sorry you have to suffer in that heat, I remember the New England humidity very well...

  21. Only $.75? You really got a bargain! I don't blame you for snatching up the pic. Its really cute!



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