Tuesday, June 24, 2008


A weed is but a flower unloved...

I didn't get too much weeding done yesterday.  As you can see, I was  busy taking pictures of them. 

 No, these are not in my garden, they are in the wild area at the edge of our lawn.  This used to be where our horse paddock was located.  Now, it is a tangle of pin oak and honeysuckle and wild roses.  There are daisies and thistle, milkweed and wild yarrow.  It is a haven for birds and rabbits, and the deer bed down here at night. 

 For me, it is a reminder of the place I grew up in, when our Little Red House was surrounded by fields of daisies and black-eyed susans.  I would pick armloads of them to bring in the house, where my mother would put them in vases.

Now we are surrounded by houses, and the fields are few and far between.  But given a bit of untouched land, the daisies and milkweed still survive.  And although I can no longer count on armloads to pick, I will still have a few vases to fill, and a reminder of days gone by here at Little Red House.

Who says you can't go home again?


  1. Mary...these pictures are beautiful and so were the memories you shared.


  2. I must not have any weeds, I love all the flowers I see, even wild ones:>) Lovely memories, some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around picking flowers too. Purple phlox at grandmothers house, armloads of peonies and lilacs at our home, and any wildflower I could find anywhere. The vases were never empty if I was around:>) Still aren't.

  3. Lovely photos...I agree that if is a flower it cannot be a weed! We have lots of the wild daisies growing in our front paddock.


  4. Such sweet memories, and I'm so glad you spent time yesterday enjoying them.

    What makes something a weed? It can't be because it lacks beauty.

  5. Your photos just get better and better, Mary girl. You are really, REALLY getting wonderful at this.

    I have always loved the wildflowers the very best of all flowers. We don't have many in West Texas...but when we go on trips, I fall in love with them all over again. I would love to have just a wildflower garden someday....

  6. I love them all and let them grow ....but yank them before they turn to seed! HA!

    Milkweed has such a lovely fragrance. it is worth letting it take over a corner just for the heady perfume.

    What lovely memories you share with us :-) Rosie

  7. Your photos are stunning. Simple and elegant.

    Later in the season I will pick queen ann's lace and wild sunflower to put into old mason jars. Looks wonderful in my country kitchen.

    Your post made me think of my childhood when I would bring arm loads of wilting wildflowers to Mom and she would always put them in a vase on the dinner table. Special memories.

  8. It's nice to think of the Little Red House filled with wildflowers.

  9. We could waste alot of time just watching all of your photos go by!

    Karrie & Karla

  10. Lovely pictures and sweet memories. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Your pictures are gorgeous! I love the light in all of them! I'm glad I stopped by!

    I found you through the "a bit of pink heaven" blog. Keep up the good work!

  12. I can see why you didn't get much weeding done when surrounded by such gorgeous blooms :o)

  13. Hi Mary :)

    I love wildflowers and everytime I see them on the side of the road I point them out to Rich and he says that they are weeds. I always tell him that the flowers that grow in our garden were once weeds. He never knows what to say to that LOL

    Beautiful pictures :)



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