Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Somewhere

Well, I have to tell you that I did not take a nap yesterday, but instead rolled up my sleeves and cleaned out the large linen closet in our downstairs bathroom. Took out five bags of garbage, and a box of things to donate to the thrift store. Yes, five bags of garbage! Today it's the coat closet in the dining room. So I probably won't be visiting all of you for a few days. Sorry, I'm on a roll.

Do you remember when I discovered a set of serving spoons in my dining room hutch? Here are a few things I found in the linen closet. Not quite as exciting as the spoons, but probably stuff that I would have at least looked at in the thrift store...I kept this stuff. Probably why I can never get my closets cleaned.

Gotta go. I expect to be done sometime next year. Just kidding.
I hope.


  1. Wow, I wish I would find treasures like that in my closets. Happy cleaning, Janie

  2. Keep at it because you are an inspiration.

    Happy Discovering!

  3. Hey, I think I want to come shop in your closets!:>) What is that brown thing in the background of the last picture? Some kind of knife in a sheath?

  4. Mary

    You go girl, when it hits you you have to go with it!

    Now I know it is really spring! Hee-hee!

  5. Bravo, Mary! You may light a fire under me, yet. LOL

    :-) Rosie

  6. I am starting to be inspired about my own spring cleaning spree. Starting to.

  7. Cleaning a closet is great. Getting rid of five bags of garbage is even better. Finding treasure? Wow! Your little ceramic dutch shoes look like ashtrays with the cigarette rests on the back. Wonder how old they might be. I have a set of dutch shoes that are similar, but without the ridges.

    It's okay if you don't come visit me this week as long as you can come next. :>

  8. My mother has some of those treasures that are in your pics!
    I wish I could come shopping in your closets that you are cleaning out:)

  9. Hi Mary,
    I like to clean out closets too. I like finding stuff I haven't seen in ages. Unfortunately I have to go to work this week...
    Hugs, Laura

  10. Hi Mary!
    Kudos to you for cleaning out! :) I agree with Janie, I'd love to find treasures like that!
    Have fun! Enjoy!
    show us some before and after pics if you dare!

  11. Do you want to come to California and clean out my closets for me? The weather's been nice, I can open all the windows and doors so you can feel the breeze as you clean! LOL

  12. Hi Mary,
    Five bags, very impressive! I wish I had a closet that sized.

  13. Mary,

    Since our friends are offering to clean your closets I think you should go to California to help Cindy with hers. Here's the hitch...I get to go too, OK?


  14. Thanks, everybody! I wish I had a chance to visit you all today, but instead I tackled the dining room closet -- three bags of garbage and five boxes to go to the thrift store! Tomorrow, my kid's rooms. Be afraid, be very afraid...

  15. Some nice finds Mary. Enjoy your cleaning out!

  16. I think you should've given us first dibs at what you DID take to the thrift store...LOL. Like I need anymore stuff.....

  17. Spring cleaning is great! Have fun.

  18. Beautiful... as everything you have!

    Have a blessed and restful night, dear Mary!


  19. That's what I should be doing.
    Just stumbling by. Your blog is fun.


  20. Oh my! I LOVE that little glass "thingie" with the silver rim...what is that?? That's beautiful! And it's now at a thrift store?? Awaiting some lucky soul...and not me...boooohhooooo!!!

  21. Really like the carving set. My husband's aunt gifted the same set to his mother many years ago. She had purchased it in Germany in the 50's when she lived there. It has now been passed down to a third generation.


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