Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Is Here!

Well, not really, but my snowdrops have appeared, so it can't be long now. I can't begin to tell you what a joyous thing this is -- to see the snowdrops appear. For some reason, I never see them as they push out of the ground. Every year, I come upon them in bloom one day, and my heart sings. (Yes, I know how corny that sounds.) I always ask myself the same question: "Why have I not planted hundreds of these?"
Sorry about the late post -- my daughter's school has High School Proficiency Exams today, and she doesn't have to get there till 10am, so we took the opportunity to get a little more sleep.
Have a wonderful day, dear bloggers!


  1. Hi Mary,
    Those little snowdrops are a sure sign of spring! Isn't it funny how they can make us so happy.
    Love your new banner!
    Have a great day!

  2. Yes, I felt the same as you the day I found my poor little yellow flowers peeking thru all the wintry leftovers on the ground. Then, when I found 6 Robins in my front yard the other day, I knew spring was dancing all around us....
    Your new banner is great...sooo pretty. I love it.
    hugs, bj

  3. Good Morning Mary!

    I LOVE your new banner! And these are some great photos! Such a pretty little sign of what's to come! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Mary,

    It is so exciting! I saw forsythia this morning and was not expecting it. I appreciate spring more and more each year!


  5. Love the new banner. Mary, I feel the same way when I see the crocuses bloom. I feel so uplifted to see them. We are having a heavy rain, the only thing good about the rain it will wash away all the snow. I can finally see the floor of our deck. :) Happy day to you, Janie

  6. I love snowdrops! My husband bought me a large planter of them one year for valentines day and I was just enchanted by them. I keep meaning to plant some but never do. I know exactly what you mean when you say they make your heart sing. Not corny at all!

  7. Gosh, I better go check my flower beds!

  8. You got snowdrops Mary ... we got lots more SNOW :-}
    We have snowdrops planted directly under our kitchen window and it will be exciting to see them pushing through the ground - eventually :-}

  9. Your snowdrops look so pretty, Mary! We have snow today ... lots of snow. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  10. wowwwww!! Mary
    beautiful banner!!
    Baci mary

  11. Beautiful little flowers. If the ground dries out enough today, I want to tramp through the woods to see how far my Daffodils have pushed up.
    ((hugs)) Rosie

  12. I love when my heart sings. I love when it soars like an eagle, too. And I love your little picture of the snowdrops. Thank you!

  13. PS -- I love your new banner, too!

  14. What a wonderful sign of hope for warmer days ahead. I agree with everyone else, I love the new banner.


  15. I love your new banner, the bling with the tea cup was just perfect.

  16. More sleep is always good!

    I don't have any snowdrops, but looking at yours, I wish that I did. My heart sings seeing the crocuses...and it really does, corny or not.

    Your comment on my post yesterday made me grin. I have NO problem with how long you or anyone (except my family) sits and enjoys reading my blog while eating lunch. LOL!

  17. Mary,

    I have these in my yard too, but I didn't know what they were called.
    Ah, yes Spring is just around the corner. Yipie!!! Love your new banner! Darn, I wish I had a blog too to share in all the fun!

  18. If you've never read any of Beverley Nichols' books, you simply must drop what you are doing and got out and get one! Here is what he has to say about snowdrops in "Down the Garden Path":

    “You see I will not hear a word spoken against my snowdrops.

    They are heavenly, when they are out, and set in a glass bowl, so that their fresh green stalks are seen with water-bubbles glistening around them.

    If you want snowdrops for massing under trees, there are all sorts of cheap varieties. However they are at least six weeks later than the elwesii, and I myself will have none of them. I shall probably go bankrupt, with my tastes. But I would rather be made bankrupt by a bulb merchant than a chorus girl.”

    For a quick look at more about Beverley Nichols, go to:

  19. New header is beautiful. Almost as good as mine.

  20. I tried to look for my crocuses ( is that *really* the plural?), but I don't usually see them until they are blossomed either. Must be an early spring bulb conspiracy!!


  21. I did not know snowdrops were early bloomers!
    Love the spring banner, it looks great! The brooch is a beautiful touch!

  22. How beautiful, Mary, thank you for sharing!!! I think i have to take a walk in my backyard soon. Hopefully it will warm up in the next few days.

    God Bless!

  23. Your snow drops make my heart sing too, Mary! All spring flowers are a welcome sight. That is why I love the four seasons --there is awlasy something to look forward to!

  24. Rechelle,
    If I had legs like yours, I'd be posing for my header, too! LOL

  25. I have my first daffodils ~ your snowdrops are sure pretty..


  26. What sweet little snowdrops! I love your header....

    And congrats on the nice gift of the transferware plate, heart and tassle! Lucky You!

    Sun shined today in NC....


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