Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Love White

I love white. The sort of white you see in shabby chic rooms, or wildly romantic ones, or even very minimal ones. (Bet you didn't see that coming, eh?)

But I am a child of my parents, and from my mother I got a love of pattern and china. From my father I got the frugal, never-throw-anything-out gene. So unfortunately, I could never pull off the minimal look.

But I still love white. So here are some white touches in my otherwise red dining room. Just think of them as my nod to shabby/romantic dreams.


  1. I love all your dishes..... glowing in the the sunshine.
    ((hugs)) Rosie

  2. White's my fave color which my children constantly remind ne it is not technically a color! But you can't beat how pristine it the plate with the lattice work, have never seen anything like that before-gorgeous!


  3. That plate is just lovely---the one with the trellace edges, where the light shines through at the back. All of it is just delightful. :)

  4. The white looks fabulous with the red backdrop.

  5. I love white too, but I think it looks really glowing in your red room in that beautiful sunshine. Minimalism isnt all its cracked up to be:>)

  6. I love white too. All my dishes are white or cream. And my favorite ice cream is vanilla. Does that make me boring? LOL

  7. Good Morning Mary!
    I love the white! It is so crisp and refreshing.. except when it's snow! :) I love the sparkle you caught with your camera off the chandelier.. so lovely!
    Have a fabulous day!
    :) Abbie

  8. Mary - thanks for your sweet comments this morning. I love white too, although you wouldn't know it looking at my house with it's reds, golds and browns. Hubby's bathroom is chocolate brown and white (with "your" dog picture) and guest room is creme and black toile...but I would love to do a shabby chic white room!
    Have a wonderful day. I've got to figure out what to wear this morning to work (a little chilly now but getting up to 70+ by this afternoon)!

    XOXO - Judy

  9. It seems that there are quite a few lovers of white, and that definitely includes me. I love all shades of white. I find it so cool and soothing.

    Thanks for sharing another one of your loves with us.

  10. That bouquet looks so "summer afternoon." Beautiful! I never liked the minimal look... I love coming here to look at your absolutely beautiful dishes. I would have so much fun playing with them! :o)

  11. what in the world did you do when you had kids! (what I really mean to ask is, how many of your beautiful dishes/etc. got broken??!)

  12. White is always so pretty...especially in dishes, I think. Your's are lovely.
    A minimalist I could NEVER be!
    hugs, bj

  13. Mary,
    I love your white pieces. Do I see a piece with cherries on it? That is something I don't have yet but I'm on the hunt!


  14. Just gorgeous, as always.
    I love white too - but alas my love of color and pattern takes over! Beautiful dishes!


  15. So glad that you can't "pull off minimal." I love your blog and your decorating just as it is. It is simply beautiful.

  16. Love the last photo Mary with the sun glistening through the window.
    Nice shot!

  17. Mary, I thought of you when I saw this on a blog I visit daily:

    It's a still-life photography challenge. I think you'd be excellent in this competition!

  18. All those whites look lovely and fresh. I'm afraid the minimal look is a little difficult for me also. But I do practice it in my bedroom. It's just so calming.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  19. You have some beautiful pieces. I think my mom has some of the same. Now I will have to go look and still them lol.

  20. Mary,
    I love how that crystal is shining in the next to last photo. Stunning!
    Hugs, Laura
    ps-I could never do minimalism either.

  21. Oh I love all the white. And the china! I'd love to have a white on white room. Not a minimalistic white room, but a shabby chic/romantic one. But with 5 boys, I don't see it in my future...Even though they are mostly grown.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. Me too! I can never decide if I am a color loving girl or a shades of white girl. I guess I am both. I like to balance the color with creamy white to soften the look!!

    Your photos are lovely!



  23. Love white too! And I love all your beautiful white plates, and milkware (Have you added to your collection? ;-))

  24. So pretty, soothing, calming to look at. Where do you get all your ideas, endless supplies of different items to creat you breathtaking pictures?

  25. Beautiful things Mary, and displayed so nicely. Love it all!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  26. I love white, too, and claim it as my favorite color which (as Tara pointed out above) my daughter insists is NOT a color! I like minimalist because I HATE to dust..but I LOVE looking at homes where items are lovingly displayed...just like yours, Mary!

    Um..I do like your new banner, but I must confess I enjoyed the one of your livingroom with the fireplace surrounded by bookcases!

  27. The white looks lovely in your red dining room....

  28. White, White, White and oh yes, White is my favorite!

    Love your posts Mary, you are a very classy lady.


    Debbie Kay

  29. Your "white table-ware of pictures" fit so outstanding into this room, and these red wallpapers!
    I could feel with you so well... ;o)
    Take care

  30. I too love white, but with four little girls and two pugs it simply isn't an option in anything large or upholstered!

    However my large collection of milkglass does make me happy - as do crisp white sheets, and fluffy white bathroom towels.

    What a lovely blog - can't wait to come back again and read more about your pretty home.

  31. Those are beautiful photos! I really love the one of the table vignette with the hutch in the background! You know I love white too but I'm not into the minimal look either..more is better!

  32. Simply beautiful! And your blog... simply beautiful too!


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