Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring in the Kitchen

I tried to join Kari & Kijsa's Spring Blessings party yesterday, but Blogger just wasn't cooperating. So I just thought I'd show you a little corner of my kitchen today where we are anticipating spring. I'd love to have some real flowers here, but these silk are the next best thing. I love the basket of eggs, and the green tin painted with pansies. They just make me smile. The crocks and the small milk glass Easter plate belonged to my mom.

Lately this little fellow has been joining the fun. I can't believe it's almost Easter.

How do you decorate for spring?


  1. Love the basket of eggs....and, of course, everything else. I can almost smell the warm spring air. :-) Rosie

  2. Mary, your little corner is very spring-y indeed! I adore the green tin!

  3. Mary, you do the prettiest vignettes around your house, why don't you come to mine and fluff it up a bit for me?

  4. What lovely vingettes, Mary! So far no decorating yet here...with our trip coming up in just two days, I've had no time...so it's fun to see what everyone else is doing--LOL! Happy Week ((HUGS))

  5. That is lovely!

    You've given me a wonderful idea. :)

  6. Mary, your spring decorating is just perfect! The green tin is the best..


  7. I love your kitchen pictures, always! And I am in awe of your flower arrangements. I was inspired last week and spent 45 minutes trying to construct a spring flower arrangement in a pink willow teacup before I gave up. If you're ever looking for blog ideas I'd love to see more photos so I can shamelessly copy them here. (You went to finishing school, right?) :)

  8. Hi Mary..I love your touches of Spring! I have just a bit sprinkled here and there..although it's not exactly Spring like here just yet.
    Have a great day!

  9. Oh definitely. I have a large collection of rabbits and spring is their time to shine! I also love to decorate with silk hydrangeas, since I don't seem to be able to grow them!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  10. I added a stuffed bunny to my tablescape, but I wish that I decorated like you! Looks great, Mary!

  11. Your blog makes me smile. Thanks for all of your lovely postings. The silk flowers will last much longer:)

  12. Hi Mary ~
    I loved the old crocks. I've collected quite a few over the years. Your flowers soften their starkness.
    Hope you're having a good day!

  13. This looks so warm and cozy. The basket of eggs is just darling.


  14. Pretty spring things! I like that bunny!

  15. Yes, Mary you do the most beautiful, appealing vignettes. Great photography and I just love the tin and the plate, and the........Oh, ok, I just love everything.
    Yes, It looks like Spring in your house.
    I did buy some Jonquils this past weekend, and added my Easter bunnies and some faux eggs around it.
    Have a great day, Janie

  16. wowwww wowwwwww
    bautiful sping in the kitchen!!
    baci mary

  17. Oh, this was just lovely, Mary. I love the pictures you take. They look like they could be in a magazine!
    I haven't 'decorated for spring' since the boys were small. You have inspired me to do so this year. Maybe I'll even take a picture!

  18. Spring is my favorite season, and Easter is my favorite holiday. I'm loving your hints of spring. The basket of eggs makes me smile.

    Easter decorations are in progress at my house.

  19. What a cute Spring Corner.
    Love the green tin.
    Well for me Spring is September and I just love bringing in more and more roses from my garden.

  20. Love it all,but the bunny won my heart.

  21. Daffodils, colored eggs, bunnies, chickies and ducks.

  22. Very pretty arrangement, Mary!

    I'm still in St Patrick's Day "green" mode as I'm having a little party to celebrate on Sunday.

    Next week I'll open the bin I store all the Easter/Spring items in.....a few ceramic and wood bunnies, some collectible eggs,etc, and I'll probably buy some tulips or hyacinths.
    Hugs, Pat

  23. I love your Springy items - bunnies are always cute and after enjoying them for Easter it's hard to pack them away!

    Spring has arrived here - I walked today with camera and took shots of blousy blossoms and chirpy birds!

  24. Mary, that little corner is just cozy and perfect! I love that green little tin too!!!


  25. I knew you would create the perfect Spring vignettes and yes. You surely did!

    I have my St. Paddy's things out now but the bunnies will be entering the picture after next Monday! Easter is SO early!! They will stay up awhile so we can enjoy them...rabbits are always welcome around here!


  26. Hi Mary
    I love your kitchen ;o)
    you show spring in perfect pictures...
    Thanks for it!
    I have table-ware of pictures "on my Blog" for you, if you have desire, go past... :-)
    Take care

  27. I have missed visiting with you Mary. Things have been so busy here that I am just now able to sit for a minute and catch up on my favorite blogs.

    Love everything (as usual)....especially the pansy painted tin.

    Have a lovely Easter. Cammy

  28. Love your home & decorating style! What a wonderful kitchen vignette!! Makes me want to redo my kitchen! Loved your black & white photos too! Lovely...
    xo Madai


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