Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

We had a good view of the lunar eclipse on Wednesday night. Here are a few (somewhat blurry) pictures. This was an amazing sight to watch, and one of the few things that could get me out of the house (in my pajamas, no less) at nine o'clock on a weeknight. Aw hell, who am I kidding? Even on a weekend, I'm pretty much ready for bed by then. So to see me standing on the front lawn in my pj's, busily snapping away with my camera, was (I'm sure) quite a novel sight for my neighbors. After all, as Mr. Bennett says in Pride and Prejudice, "For what do we live except to give sport to our neighbors..." or something like that anyway. :)
Have a wonderful weekend, dear bloggers!


  1. I too, am in my PJ's by nine o'clock. Just when we think we are lone in our ways, someone like you comes along and comforts the rest of us, in knowing we aren't alone.
    The eclipse was breath taking!


  2. Show off! Those photos are great, Mary. Now, can you tell me how you achieved them?

  3. Mary - it was an awesome sight.. too bad I didn't think of my camera.

  4. Hi Mary!
    :) It was my b-day, and I didn't even know it was also an eclipse night. I was sound asleep by nine o'clock. Just can't seem to hold my eyes open much past 8:30 anymore. Thank you for the pics,
    Have a fab weekend!
    ♥ Abbie

  5. we watched this, too! Wasn't it amazing...I think the next one is 2010!
    great pics!

  6. Yes we had quite a good view here in California as well...luckily we saw the eclipse when it was only 6:30ish. Needless to say I saved the neighbors from viewing myself in my jammies.

  7. Mary,

    I missed it, but thanks to you, you got the perfect shot. thanks so much for sharing.


  8. Wow! Don't know how I missed that! It's amazing....your pictures are nice, Mary..I would have been in my p.j.'s by then too!
    xxxooo Ruth

  9. I'm with you on the 9pm bed time...LOL!

    Loved your take on the eclipse!!

  10. Wasn't that an amazing sight? I wish I had tried to take photos but I figured they'd be blurry and didn't bother. Have a great weekend! ~ hugs, Lynda xox

  11. Pics were worth it, Mary! They're good. Oh, and I love your quote from Pride & Prejudice. Have you been watching the Jane Austen series on Sunday nights?

  12. Thanks Mary for letting me know I'm not alone in amusing my neighbors. As I tell my kids, "It's no fun being normal!" Great photos.
    Hugs, Laura

  13. Wonderful photos! I watched the eclipse with my hubby..I wish we had our telescope set up, oh well, maybe in 2010!


  14. Hello Mary,
    I have been tag and with this being my first time, I have tagged people who left comments on my post. I hope you don't mine be tagged. Thank you, Katie

  15. Mary your pictures came out beautiful! We had so much cloud cover that we couldn't see much here. Thank you for sharing them with me :) I'm in my jammies at 9:00 too. Aren't we a group of party animals?


  16. We were out in our PJ's viewing the eclipse as well:) My son was sooo excited!!

    BTW, I received the nicest gift the other day. It was all nestled down in bubble wrap and peanuts. I wonder who could have been so thoughtful;) Guess you'll just have to hop on over to my site and find out!!


  17. Mary you are such a dear to run outside at nite in your pj's to snap those wonderful photos for us. It was cloudy here that night so I loved seeing yours.'s 5 pm here and I am already in my cozy warm pjs. xo Lynn

  18. You show great nature pictures today... I hopefully do not have you cold caught...
    Take care Barbara

  19. I was also out in my jammies viewing the eclipse...talking on the phone to my husband who was 4 hours away looking at the same moon....made me feel closer to him

  20. You were definitely not alone as far as "what we were wearing". . .I had pink & white flannel jammies with an ivory wool scarf & my black vintage fur coat (the cow coat as my husband calls it) with a navy blue beret & hot pink mittens~~it was like reach into the cupboard & grab for warmth. And don't forget the orange Uggs. A sad sight but who cares~~the eclipse was beautiful here in NE~~cold but beautiful!!

  21. Awesome, very cool!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)


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