Wednesday, February 13, 2008


When my husband opened the door to leave for work Monday, here's what he saw.

It was so cold overnight that a skim of ice had formed on the inside of the storm door. The ribbon from the wreath (yes, my Christmas wreath is still up) had stuck to the storm door.


We had about four or five inches of snow yesterday, which turned to freezing rain overnight. It's raining now, and the temperature has risen, so the world outside is now a slushy and sodden mess.


Can you tell I hate winter? :)


My daughter's school has a delayed opening this morning -- we got the call at 5:30 am. We slept in and I'm running a little late, so please bear with me. Hope to post some more cheerful pictures later today. :)

Edited to add: Here are a few pictures that make me happy. I'd prefer to forget this horrible weather -- the backyard is a lake and the basement floor is puddling.

And it is still raining.


  1. BRRRRRR is right. I have NEVER seen anything like that before, Mary. No wonder you are itching for spring! GOOD GRIEF!!
    Hang on girl, it will be here soon!
    Extra hugs this morning,

  2. It's a mess, isn't it? "Ick" is so right!

  3. We're getting that same storm up here in NH. Got 8 inches of snow overnight and the ice on top of that and now pouring rain. What a mess. Spring seems along way off.

  4. Oh, brrrrr!!! I wish we had some snow this winter, but what we did have was pretty brief. My son did get to make a snowman once though (it took all the snow in the entire yard, however).

    Now I am just done with being chilly and am looking forward to warmer days and planting flowers.

    Thanks so much for visiting Inspiration Week! So good to see you, Mary!


  5. That ice on the door is amazing! You really get some strong winter stuff where you live. Spring will be here soon! It's just around the corner :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to enter my OHOW giveaway!

  6. Oh, I love your site! I'm going to go home today and read more of it. Thanks so much for leaving the comment today on mine.

    What a lovely home. And where in NJ? I grew up in NJ!

  7. Oh, MAry, you are right, it is soooo cold...I took a little frigid walk by my home, hope you can catch it on my blog!

    Stay warm, sweetie!

  8. What a surprise upon opening the door!

    With Easter so early this year perhaps we'll have an early spring....well, we can hope anyway....

    Happy Valentine's Day....Betty

  9. Oh Mary,

    You poor thing, I cannot imagine it being that cold! Oh hurry Spring!!! Grab a snuggley blanket and a good book and stay warm!


  10. Oh that photo with the ribbon gave me goosebumps. So.. cold!

  11. Oh Mary,

    We got the same mixed bag here. Daughter also had a delayed opening. They were supposed to go on a class trip today that was cancelled because of the weather. She was so disappointed. I baked a pumpkin bread last night, and the crumb topping spilled in the oven making smoke in the house. I had to open the kitchen window. Yuck! But, the cake was enjoyed later with a nice cup of tea. Hang in there, Spring is coming!!!

  12. Oh yeah....we had the same thing here. We just got internet connection back a 3pm......what an internet junkie I am.....the withdrawal symptoms were awful!!

    Love the tureen.....ooooh I would take the whole set :-) ((hugs)) Rosie

  13. Oh, my goodness. Here in our little corner of California the sun is shining! I'm from Michigan, so I remember that sort of weather and can't imagine living in it. My son lives in Norfolk and my daughter-in-law lives in Baltimore (they're in the service-long story) and I'm worried about them now. Be safe and hunker down with a cup of tea and your transferware.

    I stalk our local TJ Max constantly to get red transferware.

  14. Hi Mary, how about a cup of hot chocolate? :) I know.. it's tough!!! Do you know i did nothing today but work on my next blog post? i'm so tempted to post it today, however, i want my valentine post to stay fresh for a while...

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU and your Little Red House :)


  15. Hi Mary...I'll take your snow! I do love your red transferware...I never see any..I'd snap it up if I did!

  16. I'm sorry everything is such a mess there with the weather Mary. I am at the other end of the scale and just as miserable. I loathe Summer and have had ENOUGH of it! Today has been a bad day, everything that can go wrong has, it's also Valentines Day, and this weather has just been the last straw today. Can we cry together?! I'll bring the
    Amanda (aka Cottage Hostage) lol

  17. Yes, it's a mess here in Mass too!
    At least I can smile at your gorgeous dishes. Love the red and white and blue.......
    Sorry to hear about your basement. Hope it stops raining soon.

  18. It makes me cold looking at that picture ! But, I love your red transferware- if you ever get tired of it...... I'll give you my address !! haha

  19. I shivered just seeing your bow stuck to the icy door. We had ice a few days ago but it's starting ot melt...thank goodness!

  20. Oh Mary I'm so sorry... I think spring is stuck here in Texas....I'll try and send it your way... I'm with you I love the change in weather but I don't do well in the cold brrrrrr..
    Ohhhh your china collection is just unbelievable... it make me smile also ...and I just get to see it from my computer screen..

  21. Oh honey keep warm and stay safe.
    Love the beautiful pictures.

  22. Hi Mary,
    Sorry it's so cold there. I won't tell you how warm it is here - you'd just be mad at me. But I love, love, LOVE your soup tureen. Sooooo beautiful. Maybe you should make yourself some hearty soup and serve it in that to warm not only your body, but your spirits!
    Hugs, Laura

  23. Mary,

    So sorry you're having sucky winter weather. I don't think I could live in that kind of cold weather.


  24. Oh Mary My heart goes out to you with that terrible weather! Beautiful photos today, as usual :)
    Rhondi xo

  25. Hi Mary!
    That stuck bow is hilarious! :) that'st he way my life feels right now.. stuck to a frozen door!
    :) Abbie

  26. cold here too! But you can't be sad for own that beautiful red and white dishware! That would be enough to cheer me up every time I looked at it! Love your website! I have enjoyed every minute I spend looking at your lovely things!

  27. But you take the most beautiful winter photographs, Mary!! I just spent a week in Disney and getting off the plane to smell sweet, cold New England air was actually refreshing. . .every season has its reason & your lovely dishes are a great distraction!


  28. Oh, my, what terrible weather! But, I love the question scratched into the frost on the window. Classic!


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